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Before ever dreaming of Amanda Roundy Design, Rising Ashes Productions or SYVpr, I gained a love of art early in life. I was motivated by my mother to become an inspiring Graphic Designer while I was in 8th grade. I spent my focus in high school on the Yearbook staff. as well as in art and multimedia classes; I haven't wavered much from art since. I was blessed to find my passion so early in life and to have had the opportunity to develop my skills since.


While in College my interest of Design grew into a larger spectrum: Graphic Design, Multimedia, Video Production and Editing. Oh how I love Video Editing! I couldn't get enough of learning these arts, so I satisfied my addiction of being educated in my field by earning three Associate of Science Degrees in all three: Design, Multimedia and Video Production.

After Graduating from College, I worked for New Rule Productions as an editor, as well as an assistant editor on the feature documentary Plight of the Fishermen. 

Yet again a new love grew with in me, but this time literally, I gave birth to my son in September of 2014. 

I desire to use my talents and skills buy supporting my community...


How I Can Help You

Sit down with me for a free 30 min consultation so I can get to know you and the designs you need! You will need to book at least a day before so I can get in contact wit...
Consultation- Graphic Design
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